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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It’s hard to find a place in Peru to eat breakfast.  Aside from empanadas and bread, breakfast isn’t a big deal.  So when we woke up this morning wanting a meaty egg breakfast we were hard pressed to find even an egg.  Finally we found a pastry place that was willing to throw together a couple of eggs for us even though all they served usually were cakes and cookies.  We also took the opportunity to try some pastries, since we were, in fact, in a pastry shop.

The guys needed to “take Alejandro’s dad to the doctor” but they were really going to do running around in preparation for our top secret trip to Cuzco.  To keep Mom from getting suspicious I kept her preoccupied while the guys were out.  So, we walked to this salon called Annie Bells, which was in between the hotel and Alejandro’s parents’ place.  We both got a massage.  Mom’s masseuse was the actual trained masseuse and she said hers was the best massage she ever had.  However, since we wanted to get our massages at the same time and Mom got the real masseuse I ended up with the owner whose specialty was hair, NOT massaging…oh well.  For $20 for an hour I couldn’t complain too much J

The guys met us at the salon as we were finishing and told us we were going to go to the city because Alejandro needed to “run an errand for his father.” I pulled him aside and asked if he had gotten the tickets and he said that is what they were heading out to do and that they would drop Mom and me off to shop while they did it.

After the guys finished their top secret mission we drove to the port town of Callao to get information on the boat tour and swimming with the sea lions.  When we parked a Peruvian militant was patrolling the area and Alejandro tipped him to keep an eye on our car.  He said it was expected and everyone did it.  After a little searching and asking around we found the information stand for Eco Crucero.  As we were talking to the guys running the tour one of them asked me a question, but I couldn’t make out what he said, so he asked it again…I looked over at Alejandro who was laughing and he said “He said maybe you will find a man in Peru” “Oh!” I exclaimed grabbing Alejandro’s arm “I already have” I laughed.  He turned about 5 shades of red and his buddies who worked with him were laughing and punching him in the arm haha.  It made me feel good anyways :-)

We went back to Los Sauces and ate Pollo a la Brasa for dinner.  Mom loved it! Then we had Picarones for dessert.  Picarones are like a cross between a funnel cake and a donut…delicious!

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