Everyone dies. Not everyone truly lives. -William Wallace "Braveheart"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Back in Lima

Alejandro and I stayed at his parents’ house last night and Mom and Al had spent the night back at B3 in Barranco, 30 min away.  When we woke up, we decided we needed to find Mom and Al a hotel closer to the house.  So we went on a hunt and found the Sumaq Inn…a brand spankin’ new hotel with nice new beds and a tub!

We changed more money in Barranco, since we had been frantically combining soles and begging artisans and vendors to take dollars for 2 days now.

Walking back to the car from the bank, we ran into this funny dog who was running down the sidewalk and barking every 5 seconds as if to say “Dog coming through!” We bought him some food at a restaurant and he was in heaven.  He was so sweet.

We ate dinner at an awesome hole-in-the-wall down the street from Alejandro’s parents’ house in Los Sauces which cost us $1.75 per person.

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