Everyone dies. Not everyone truly lives. -William Wallace "Braveheart"

About Me

My name is Amanda.  I am 26 years old and am from Atlanta, GA.  I love photography, painting, drawing, travelling, cooking, and entertaining.  I went to school at the Art Institute of Atlanta for Interior Design and am currently looking into joining the Air Force.  I have a boyfriend of 4 years, Alejandro, who is from Lima, Peru and we have one hijo (child) our gato (cat) Churchill. 
I love to laugh and cut up and basically act a fool any chance I can get.  Someone said something about me behind my back once that pretty much sums me up "That Amanda is funny when she's drunk" which wouldn't have been particularly funny except for the fact that I hadn't had one drink.......yeah. 
I believe life is too short to not do something you want to do or to do something you don't want to do.  I try to live a life with no fear and no regrets.  I would like to think that there is nothing I won't try once.  I plan on living until I die...until I take my last breath I am going to experience all I can and take in every crazy experience I can get my hands on.