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Monday, April 11, 2011

Northern Peru

After we got back to Lima from Cuzco, Alejandro asked me if I would like to go up to the Northern coast of Peru. So with that, we hopped on a third bus and headed north 8 hrs to Trujillo. We had seen these cool little straw boats in a museum we had been to, so when I saw them bobbing up and down in the water I couldn't resist the urge to try my hand at one. Alejandro asked around, and talked to the local fishermen in the hopes of finding a place where we could rent one, but they all looked at us like we were insane.  They were like "you want to ride around on our fishing boat!?" We finally found a couple confused fishermen who were willing to make a few bucks by lending us their boat. It was hard! They make it look so easy. They actually stand up on that thing and row with a giant piece of bamboo over these waves and everything and I could barely sit on it without toppling over. After our boating adventure we ate the best ceviche I've ever had...okay so it was the ONLY ceviche I've ever had, but it was GOOOOD! Not to mention beautifully presented.


Excuse me can we take your fishing boat out for a joy ride?

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  1. I never knew what you had to go through to ride that boat! I love these Peru pictures and can't wait to see the new ones ;)